Hey there, I'm Mark :D

I'm a current software engineering 💻 student from the University of Waterloo.

During my free (non-technical) time I like to play the piano 🎹 and write articles 📖✍ published on Medium. Click here to start listening 🎧🎶 to one of my favorite piano pieces performed by me, visit my SoundCloud if you want to enjoy more classical music.

I'm currently on a study term which usually would mean I'll be in Waterloo, but this time I'm studying fully from home. Unless you've literally been living under a massive rock or time travelled, our world is facing some major challenges right now. And I guess I'm doing my fair share by staying at home.

Wonder what's happening in my life right now? Check out my blog for more elongated spiels from me 😅. Oh, I also have a book-lengthed diary of my experience at SHAD (with pictures) published here in case you want to read them.

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