Hey there, I'm Mark :D

I'm a current software engineering 💻 student from the University of Waterloo.

During my free (non-technical) time I like to play the piano 🎹 and write articles 📖✍ published on Medium. Click here to start listening 🎧🎶 to one of my favorite piano pieces performed by me, visit my SoundCloud if you want to enjoy more classical music.

I'm currently on a co-op term back at Shopify as a Production Engineering Intern, but due to the pandemic I'll be working remotely. My day will probably consist of working, practicing piano, playing Minecraft, and studying for my online courses. Feel free to contact me, especially during these difficult times social interactions are crucial 😊 for everyone.

Wonder what's happening in my life right now? Check out my blog for more elongated spiels from me 😅. Oh, I also have a book-lengthed diary of my experience at SHAD (with pictures) published here in case you want to read them.

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